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Release Notes

New features and improvements

Feature Description
AWS S3 Storage: new support for the import of single-line Delimited files The import of the single-line CSV files is now supported.
Import bridges like File System: new multi-threading support The multi-threading support has been implemented.
Denodo Virtual DataPort: Denodo lineage query The ability to select an external schema has been added in the bulk mapping editor.
AWS Athena database (via JDBC): new information in the Help panel for bridge parameters to customize query text depending on the source tool New information in the Help panel has been added for the View definition extracting SQL, Synonyms lineage SQL and Procedures text SQL bridge parameters. It helps you to customize the query text depending on the source tool.
ETL/DI import bridges: updated the string processing of the miscellaneous parameters The string processing of the miscellaneous parameters has been updated for the ETL/DI import bridges. For example, you can now use the -backup option with these bridges.
Talend Data Integration: -backup miscellaneous parameter The -backup option has been implemented to save the metadata input files.
Microsoft Azure Power BI Service (Repository): open in an external tool The computation of the unique NativeID property has been improved to make them similar to the Azure service URLs. The template URL for Microsoft Azure Power BI has been updated to open the reports in an external tool.

You need to reimport the metadata for the changes to take effect.

Miscellaneous parameters: standardization of JDBC database options with user-friendly names The JDBC database options have been improved with user-friendly names, such as -s renamed with -system.objects.import.
Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI) Enterprise Edition (Server): open in an external tool The variable initialization bug has been fixed. You can use the type specific parameters for OBIEE to open the reports and dashboards in an external tool.
QlikSense Server: new miscellaneous parameter to allow IP address in server URL The -hostname.whitelist option has been added. When you get a certificate error by using an IP address in the server URL, you can now add this IP address to the allowlist.
Talend Data Integration: new support for tFileUnarchive and tFileArchive The bridge now supports the tFileUnarchive and tFileArchive components.
Tableau import: new supported data store type used for JBoss Data Virtualization The bridge now supports a new Generic JDBC data store connection type.
Talend Data Integration: new support for tAmazonMysqlRow The bridge now supports the tAmazonMysqlRow component.
Talend Data Integration: new support for LOAD DATA FROM S3 The support for LOAD DATA FROM S3 has been added.
Talend Data Integration: improved support for tRedshiftUnload The support for the tRedshiftUnload component has been improved.
Miscellaneous parameters: standardization of Business Objects options with user-friendly names The Business Objects options have been improved with user-friendly names, such as -idtJre32 renamed with -businessobjects.idt.java32.executable.
SAP S/4HANA/ECC: ABAP function module warnings Improvements for ABAP script have been implemented.

Notable fixes

Issue Description
Erwin Data Modeler: expression syntax not recognized for 'Dataset9.5//EMP_DETAILS_VIEW' Fixed the issue by ignoring the WITH READ ONLY CONSTRAINT clause in the Oracle expression analyzer.
W3C XML: checksum differences Cleared the SDK case sensitive flag.
AWS Redshift Database (via JDBC): comments on columns are not imported Redesigned the query to load the metadata for the table columns to add the comments on columns.
AWS Redshift Database (via JDBC): metadata import failed due to duplicate columns in a view Fixed the issue when importing duplicate columns in a view.
Talend Data Integration: lineage failed when using the QUALIFY clause in the SQL request Added support for the QUALIFY clause in the Snowflake expression analyzer.
Erwin 9.x to 2020 Data Modeler (single model from Mart): lineage of view columns mismatches between the column source and destination Fixed the setting of a position to classifiers.
Teradata Database SQL DML Script (BTEQ): No lineage extracted with the error message: "The Teradata BTEQ script import is not extracting lineage during the import. It shows the error "syntax error, unexpected NAME_TOKEN"" Added support for the MEETS operator to the expression analyzer.
Teradata Database (via JDBC): comments are not extracted in a view Added the import of comments for the View attributes.
Snowflake Database (via JDBC): data sampling and profiling failed on tables Fixed the syntax adapter to provide the non-standard table names.
Salesforce Database / SAP IS export: MITI.MIRException: cannot retrieve access token Improved the code to process the data sampling in the separated class to avoid the NoClassDefFoundError error.
Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics: SQL error USE statement is not supported to switch between databases when executing the query Reconfigured the JDBC Azure-related bridges to not call the USE statement.
Microsoft Power BI (File): stitching issue with the Excel data source Implemented a special processing of the Excel worksheet name used in the PowerQuery M statement to use as the column prefix when propagating inferred columns to link the PowerBI report file to the Excel data source.
Talend Data Integration export / Informatica PowerCenter import: tMap transformation issues Fixed the expression printer.
MicroStrategy: duplicate entries from XMI files Improved the MicroStrategy stitcher to provide unique stitching links.
PostgreSQL (via JDBC): cannot import arguments for functions Fixed the non-merged revision code and the duplication of the argument names. Filtered the unsupported procedure types.
Oracle (via JDBC): metadata extraction performance degraded Redesigned the user-defined type modeling to avoid the duplicate Types/Tables names.
Talend Data Integration: missing lineage when tRedshiftUnload has a WHERE clause Replaced '' with ' for the Redshift unload query for correct processing.
QlikView: Russian .qvw file fails with "Expression syntax not recognized (or not supported)" error message Added support for the identifiers that contain Cyrillic symbols and for 20201020T061242.186-0700 date format in the log file.
Microsoft Power BI Report Server: cannot harvest paginated reports Added support for question marks, positional parameters and functions/stored procedures.
Microsoft SQL Server (via JDBC): issue when importing CreationTime and ModificationTime of a store model Fixed the issue when importing the CreationTime and ModificationTime parameters of a store model.
Microsoft Azure Blob Storage: cannot download some dependencies from Maven Fixed the variable resolution when downloading from Maven.
Microsoft SQL Server (via JDBC): cannot import "sys.syspartitions" view Improved the metadata queries to load system views, system columns, system view definition text and others.
Talend Data Integration: tAzureAdsGen2Input connection URL issue preventing stitching Fixed the issue when constant property value is not quoted.