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Release Notes

New features and improvements

Feature Description
REST API: improved the GET/lineage/{startingId} function The content name is now displayed for the name attribute if the object is a model.
REST API: added the name of the new API functions to be used in the description of the deprecated ones You can now see the name of the new API functions to be used in the description of the deprecated ones.

Notable fixes

Issue Description
Embedded Webpage widget: invalid URL when using the URL variables Updated the code to replace the variables in the URL before validating it.
REST API: incorrect parent ID for a GCP schema Fixed the parentId element for the objects which are internal models within a multi model.

To get the parent ID, you need to set the context parameter to the ID of the configuration or database model by calling the GET/entities/{objectId} function if the objectId element represents a schema in a multi-model database.

Oracle Database (via JDBC) / Oracle ERP Application: Operation starting error: "Got a sql exception: Invalid argument(s) in call: length for setBinaryStream cannot be negative" Fixed the import of very large models in the database.
Users: invalid email due to extra spaces Added auto space trimming to the email field.
Configuration management: entity does not exist or has been deleted Fixed the problem when browsing a folder in a configuration does not show any models.
LDAP authentication: password field need to be encrypted The LDAP password is now encrypted.
Remote harvesting server (Over the Web): cannot connect to the server Fixed multiple issues related to the status display of the remote harvesting server:
  • Fixed the PingMimbServer command which was not going to the remote server
  • Fixed an UI issue where two invisible extra characters were added to the URL after // and before the ID of the remote server.

You can apply the patch to the Talend Cloud Data Catalog application server and not necessary to the remote harvesting servers.

You need to erase, re-enter and save the URL of any existing Over The Web remote harvesting server in the Manage Server to remove the invisible special characters.

OAuth authentication: automatic group assignment not working Fixed the automatic group assignment for Microsoft identity platform OAuth 2.0.
Security vulnerability: unauthorized users can access functionality for which they are not authorized Restricted the GetSystemInformation function to the members of the Application Administrators group.
Glossary: error when creating a read-only copy "CommandFaultException: Got a sql exception" Fixed the SQL Syntax error.
Glossary audit log: history data is lost This update contains a database code upgrade. The audit events are now properly copied when creating or restoring glossary versions.
Operations for log deletion: defined retention period not taken Fixed the Delete Logs and Delete System Log operations to respect the detention period correctly.
Semantic mapping: redirection to terms coming from a glossary under workflow failed with the error: "Cannot read property 'modelEditable' of null" Corrected the glossary version used in the semantic mapping.
Data mapping: cannot add SAP Hana calculation views as a source Added the ability to select a SAP Hana calculation view in the query mapping UI.