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Release Notes

New features and improvements

Feature Description
ETL/DI import bridges: new support for hierarchical metadata post-processing The post-processing of the hierarchical metadata has been implemented for the ETL/DI import bridges.
Microsoft Power BI (File): new support for Microsoft SSAS as a source You can now select Microsoft SSAS as the store connection. The information in the bridge Help panel has been improved.
Microsoft ADLS: added the authentication method in the log You can now see the authentication mode in the following log message "Use authentication: ***".
QlikView: open in an external tool The Open in external tool feature has been enabled for the import bridge. You can open a QlikView report imported in Talend Cloud Data Catalog in its source tool.

You need to reimport the metadata for the changes to take effect.

Notable fixes

Issue Description
SAP HANA database (via JDBC): calculated views with input parameters are not profiled Fixed the data profiling and sampling for the calculated views with input parameters.
Teradata Database SQL DML (DI/ETL) Script (BTEQ): missing YAML file when loading from the cache Fixed the issue to generate the YAML file even if the -cache.clear option is set or not.
Hadoop HDFS / Kerberos: import fails with the message "not allowed to impersonate user" Improved the code to use the same parameters set for the Import, Browse and Test actions.
Miscellaneous parameter: fixed the -cache.clear option for import bridges Added support for the -cache.clear option.
Oracle OBIEE Server: table parsing error Fixed the table parsing.
AWS RedShift database (via JDBC): error message "Lineage for views not extracted - Expression syntax not recognized" Added support for the WITHIN GROUP clause and the OVER clause (window function).
Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics: issue in Azure SQL Data Warehouse Fixed the Browse operation for the Azure compatible databases.
Microsoft SQL Server database (via JDBC): SQL Server DB "Types" not extracted Fixed the native profile of the bridge to show the UDT. Fixed the duplicate names of the SQL Server UDT/tables.
Cloudera Impala Hadoop Hive DML: expression syntax not recognized (or not supported) Fixed the INSERT statement.
PostgreSQL database: import fails with error "Model is not consistent" Fixed the issue when searching the function argument with an empty name in the parameter dataset by position.
Microsoft SQL Server database (via JDBC): cannot import the "sys.syspartitions" view Improved the metadata queries to load the system views, system columns or system view definition text.
MicroStrategy: import fails with the message "INFO - MIMB_I0031 Import schema only = False" Added the ability to skip the change detection in the MicroStrategy journal if you do not have the permissions.
Microsoft SSIS import / IBM Open IGC export: no connections listed Added the code to clean the wrong characters '{}' in the IGC connection name.
Teradata database (via JDBC): import fails with exception on usage of TableText views Added support for the TableTextV view names with unicode data types.
Hadoop Hive (via JDBC): error message "GCP Hive Harvesting - Operation starting error: org.xml.sax.SAXParseException" Added the file checksum comparison when downloading from remote harvesting servers.
Apache Kafka import / IBM Open IGC export: error message "MITI.MIRException: java.nio.file.InvalidPathException: Illegal char <:> at index 34" Added a code to clean up the wrong characters in the tmp path. Improved the code of the model type detection to export a Kafka model as a file system model.
Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics (SQL Data Warehouse) import with MSI authentication: error message "Cannot set "Authentication" with "IntegratedSecurity" set to "true"" Fixed the processing of the IntegratedSecurity option.
File System import bridge for Parquet file: import loops forever Fixed the performance issues.
Teradata database (via JDBC): missing view columns Improved the exception handling for the loading operation of the Teradata view columns to identify the problem during the operation.
Oracle DML: script with a QUIT statement fails to import Fixed the issue to detect the EXIT|QUIT statement.
Oracle Data Integrator (ODI): log created shows passwords Fixed the issue. The value of a parameter is now hidden from the log when it contains passwords.
Talend Data Integration: TRUNCATE in tDBRow does not have the correct table name Added support for the Oracle-style outer joins in Amazon Redshift.

Added support for the TRUNCATE TABLE statement in Amazon Redshift and MySQL.

Any File System import / SAP IS export bridges: incorrect column names when there is a column with the name "no" Fixed the detecting logic of the headers.