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Release Notes

New features and improvements

Feature Description
AWS PrivateLink with Talend Cloud Data Catalog

Support for AWS PrivateLink has been added to protect the communication between your AWS VPCs (Virtual Private Clouds) and Talend Cloud Data Catalog.

This support for PrivateLink allows you to import or export metadata without going through the public Internet, thus to avoid exposing your own services and the services on Talend Cloud Data Catalog publicly. This significantly reduces the exposure risk.

This feature is on technical preview.

Get started with AWS PrivateLink with Talend Cloud Data Catalog on this page.

UI internationalization The translation of the Talend Cloud Data Catalog UI has been improved in French and Japanese.
REST API: new and improved functions to handle configuration and object versions The new REST API functions allow you to:
  • create a copy of a configuration version using POST/configuration/copy
  • publish or unpublish a configuration version using PUT/configuration/publish
  • set or unset a configuration version as read-only using PUT/configuration/setAsReadOnly

You can now browse the object versions using GET/operations/repositoryBrowse.

REST API: improved the general documentation In the REST API General Information page, you can now see the list of new or improved functions in the New Or Improved API Methods section and the list of deprecated functions in the Deprecated API Methods section.

For more information, click the See General Documentation link from the Talend Cloud Data Catalog REST API documentation page.

REST API: new function to ignore a connection in a configuration The new function PUT/configuration/ignore allows you to ignore a connection in a configuration.

Notable fixes

Issue Description
Data model diagram: display/highlight action on migrated foreign key is not working when using multiple relationship migrated role names Fixed the issue to properly handle relationships that map the multiple candidate key attributes to the same foreign key attribute.
LDAP authentication: cannot login after patch application Added more traces to the login code path.
Configuration shows different connection number than the model has Fixed the automatic version replacement in the configuration after a new import.
UI: user group name does not display '&' properly Fixed the issue.
REST API: server error with Entities/DataProfiling - character N is neither a decimal digit number, decimal point, nor \"e\" notation exponential mark Fixed JSON serialization of the value NaN (Not a Number).
Data sampling and profiling: data viewers can see the option to generate data sampling and profiling The option to request data sampling and profiling is now hidden for data viewers.
Glossary with workflow: terms are not published automatically once approved when the Publish on Approval option is selected Resolved the workflow setting to publish terms automatically once approved.
Schedules: error occurs when double-clicking a model quickly during the object selection Fixed the issue in the dialog box of the object selection.
OAuth authentication: cannot authenticate due to invalid redirect URI Added switching between 'HTTP' and 'HTTPS' in the OAuth callback URI if the "X-Forwarded-Proto" header is set.
REST API: does not return the trailing double quotes Fixed the issue when the leading or trailing double quotes in the business description were removed erroneously.
REST API: server error with the function GET/configuration/listModels Fixed the issue when executing the function GET/configuration/listModels.
Semantic mapping: issue when renaming source and target models Changed the code to display the content name instead of the model name in the details page of a semantic mapping.
Custom attribute: display issue with a presentation Enabled complex custom attribute data types in the worksheet and children dashboard widgets.