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Release Notes

New features and improvements

Feature Description
Talend Data Integration: improved lineage when Jobs use the tHiveLoad component

In the lineage, if a temporary classifier has a * node which is not resolved by the stitching, it will be resolved to its sibling features.

The -connection.map option has been improved in the miscellaneous parameter.

Microsoft Azure Data Lake Storage: new miscellaneous parameter to print all processed files The -detailed.log option has been added to print paths of all processed files into the debug log.
Microsoft ADLS: hide data for Parquet files Data sampler has been updated for Parquet files to start using JSON format.
Microsoft SSIS (Repository Database): new miscellaneous parameters to handle connection names The following options have been added:
  • -connection.fullyqualifiedname allows you to prefix connection names with {$project_name}:{$package_name}: tags and helps to distinguish connections with same name in different packages.
  • -connection.catalogname allows you to control #{$catalog_name} suffix in relation to database connection names.
Microsoft Power BI: support for connections to Analysis Services Microsoft Power BI import bridge: code has been added to create connection objects in case of live connection to Analysis Services.

Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services bridge detects the OLE DB provider. Tentative support for the tabular model format that includes "create" and "database" header nodes has been added and initial support has been added for perspectives as OLAP schema.

Initial support for report measures has been added and the profiles have been improved to show them as Table Extension or Report Measure object type.

Any database (via JDBC) import bridges: improved the miscellaneous parameter classes The classes have been improved.
Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics (SQL Data Warehouse): external tables harvested as standard tables Support for external tables has been added.
Apache Kafka: new -consumer.group miscellaneous parameter The -consumer.group option has been added in the Kafka API options.

A string that uniquely identifies the group of consumer processes to which this consumer belongs. By setting the same group ID, multiple processes indicate that they are all part of the same consumer group. This value would be passed into the Kafka 'group.id' property.

Tableau: Generic JDBC connection with unsupported Google BigQuery SQL queries The Google BigQuery data sources are now supported.
Sparx Enterprise Architect (EA) / OMG UML XMI: import fails with fatal error The speed of the model validation has been improved when there are many aggregation loops.
SAP HANA database (via JDBC): new support for CDS views The CDS views are now supported.

Notable fixes

Issue Description
Microsoft SQL Server (via JDBC): test connection is failing Added debug messages to control the connection process more precisely.
Microsoft Azure Data Factory: "Failed read value: Unrecognized field "nextLink"" Added support for "nextLink".
Metadata Excel Format: "The model is not consistent" Added an error message when delimited columns of 'Delimited file' type have positions zero or less.
Microsoft ADLS Gen2: parquet snappy file import not showing sample data Added skipping of data processing for binary columns.
Talend Data Integration: "Select into temp table" by tRedshiftRow does not get table information Added support for SELECT INTO TEMP TABLE.
Microsoft SSIS (Repository Database): detected missing schema after import Changed serialization properties and improved debug messages.
Talend Data Integration: "Select into temp table" by tMySQLRow does not get table information Fixed expression parsing and removed definition values for empty parameters.
Teradata Database SQL DML (DI/ETL) Script (BTEQ): lineage at column level leads to a lineage at table level Fixed the MERGE statement.
Microsoft Power BI (File): differences in regression test Parsed report measures in consistent order and improved log messages.
MySQL Database (via JDBC): new support for INTERVAL CAST and TEMPORARY TABLE Added support for INTERVAL CAST and TEMPORARY TABLE.
Talend Data Integration: expression syntax not recognized (or not supported) Added support for JOIN clause in UPDATE statement.
IBM Cognos Content Manager ReportStudio Added support for function PERCENTAGE.
Informatica PowerCenter: default source or target schema is extracted instead of actual schema defined in source or target datasetid for Google BigQuery connection Added support for BigQuery application.
Talend Data Integration: missing expected data impact Changed the lineage through the tBufferInput/Output components.
Teradata Database (via JDBC): import fails with exception "[SQLState HY000] Response Row size or Constant Row size overflow" Updated to support the fact that the query is halved for Teradata 14.x versions.
Talend Data Integration / tRedshiftBulkExec: missing lineage to S3 Fixed the NativeId and lineage through the tRedShiftBulkExec component.
Microsoft SSIS: XML reader is not extracted Added support for SSIS XML reader.
Microsoft Power BI: DAX expression parsing error for a PowerBI report Added single-line comments in the DAX expression parser.
Microsoft SQL Server (via JDBC): import fails due to a failure in one of the stored procedures and standard SQL Server syntax is not supported Fixed system tables validation for database versions before SQL Server 2016 (13.x). Folders for external schema are not created.
Talend Data Integration: unexpected connection in a Joblet Handled the case when a connection component is located in the main Job and referenced via dynamic settings.
Microsoft Azure SQL Database: Synonyms and Type objects are not extracted Added support for Azure SQL Database synonyms and user-defined types.
Oracle database (via JDBC): "MITI.MIRException: The Model is not consistent" Fixed the cleanup of undefined types.
Microsoft SQL Server Database SQL DML: support for DROP CONSTRAINT 'WITH' Added support to ignore WITH (ONLINE = OFF).
Cloudera Navigator: parsing error Fixed the parsing errors and improved the spark operations processing.
SAS Data Integration: "Illegal Argument: The Classifier...already contains a Feature with this Name" Added a fix to skip duplicate physical columns and Jobs without definition.