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Release Notes

New features and improvements

Feature Description
Microsoft SSIS: new support for nested task variables Support has been added for nested tasks.
Microsoft SSAS: data flow lineage Profiles have been improved by renaming 'Tabular Model' with 'Measures' and adding group for Perspective.

The handling of ambiguous features has been improved for the SQL expression parser.

Microsoft SSIS: new support for environment variables Support for environment variables has been added.
Talend Data Integration / SQL Override: new multi-statement support Multi-statement support has been added.
Microsoft SSIS: new support for components Support for versioned components has been added.
Google BigQuery Database: JDBC driver based new version of the bridge Support for function arguments has been added.
Talend Data Integration: UPDATE with JOIN using WHERE clause by tMysqlRow does not get table information Support for multiple-table UPDATE has been added.
QlikSense: improved documentation on the required application access privileges to API engine The tooltip of QlikSense bridge has been updated for the required application access privileges to API engine.
Tableau Server: improved documentation on the required Tableau user permissions The tooltip of Tableau bridge has been updated for the required user permissions.
Microsoft Azure Analysis Services (SSAS): new import bridge The new Microsoft Azure Analysis Services (SSAS) import bridge is based on the existing Microsoft SSAS bridge. It allows you to use the User/Password options for Windows desktop and Azure authentication.
AWS Athena Database (via JDBC) - Technical Preview: new native bridge to support views and more Amazon Web Services (AWS) Athena Database (via JDBC) - Technical Preview has been added as a new import bridge.
Oracle MySQL database (via JDBC): parser error on CHARSET Support for CHARSET has been added.
Talend Data Integration: new -talenddatapreparation.backup miscellaneous parameter to improve the integration with Talend Data Preparation The -talenddatapreparation.backup option allows you to embed preparations from a backup created with Talend Data Preparation bridge.
Any database import bridges: improved the import of large models when a bridge has less than 4GB of memory The process for data type creation has been improved when a bridge is dealing with a very large model and has very limited memory. This improvement has been implemented for all database import bridges.

A new custom factorization logic of data type is used to create only unique data types and reuse them as much as possible. It improves the speed of data type creation and limits the memory usage. For example, you can now create 2M features with their data types in three minutes instead of two hours.

Tableau Server: authentication with personal access token You can now authenticate with a personal access token when the username/password authentication method returns HTTP 401 (Unauthorized) response.

When authenticating with a personal access token, you cannot open the report in Tableau directly from Talend Cloud Data Catalog as the workbook name cannot be captured.

Apache Spark (with Python) / Databricks PySpark: miscellaneous parameter -environment.variable unsupported The input parameters expressed via dbutils.widgets have been improved.

Notable fixes

Issue Description
Amazon Athena: Table filter does not work properly Added the View filter. Due to the nature of the engine filters, the syntax differs for tables and views.
Amazon Athena: custom Athena SQL expression parser Added support for Athena expression parser.
Amazon Athena database (via JDBC): support for schema browsing Added support for Athena schema browser.
Mongo DB / JSON import: FATAL:java.lang.NullPointerException when importing from a specific JSON file Fixed the processing of JSON arrays and the nativeType property on the array parent attribute.
Talend Data Integration: "Drop table if exists" by tMysqlRow does not get table information and connection Fixed the MySQL expression parser to get table information.
Talend Data Preparation: "Index of bounds" runtime data flow overview problem Fixed the lineage cleanup after merging stitched objects.
Microsoft SQL Server: SQL parser errors Improved parameters and variables resolution.
Google Cloud Storage: "java.lang.NoSuchMethodError" Fixed the description of the Root directory parameter.
Talend Data Integration: unexpected undefined variable for tImpalaConnection Changed the connection properties for the tImpalaConnection component. Removed extra schema parameter and used Database instead.
Metadata Excel Format / Data Mapping: "MITI.MIRException: org.xml.sax.SAXParseException" Fixed validation errors.
Talend MDM: relationships metadata and keys are labelled as 'No name' Added names for associations, association roles, foreign keys and generalizations objects.
Informatica PowerCenter: default source or target schema is extracted instead of actual schema defined in source or target datasetid for Google BigQuery connection in case of parameterization Improved BigQuery reader detection for parameterized connection. Added support for 'SQL Override'.
QlikView: does not import "STORE QVD" step from QVW file Added support when a BI model writes data to another BI model in an export bridge.
Erwin DM export / IDERA ER/Studio import: does not bring any objects Fixed building of ID for ExtendedNote.

Renamed target databases from "ODBC/Generic 2.0" to "ODBC 2.0" and from "ODBC/Generic 3.0" to "ODBC 3.0".

Fixed printing of the property 'Generate_As_Constraint' for 'Key_Group'.

Talend Data Integration: tMysqlRow does not produce connection when using "Create Index" Updated the CREATE INDEX statement in the expression analyzer.
Google BigQuery: data profiling and sampling do not work for the table Fixed data profiling and sampling for individual table request.
Talend Data Integration: "Create table" by tRedshiftRow does not produce lineage Added support for table attributes DISTSTYLE and DISTKEY.
Talend Data Integration: "Create index" by tMysqlRow does not get table information Added support for CREATE INDEX.
Google BigQuery: issue with expression parser for backtick Resolved backtick issue.
Amazon Redshift (via JDBC): function arguments are not extracted Added support for function arguments.
Microsoft SSAS (File) / .bim format: "java.lang.ClassCastException: class org.json.simple.JSONArray cannot be cast to class java.lang.String" Fixed parsing multi-line descriptions and improved DAX expression parsing and measures referenced without table context.

Replaced two consecutive double quotes (used as escape characters when embedding dax into powerquery statement) refactoring to allow parsing DAX expression embedded in PowerQuery expression.

Changed PowerQuery parser to be more explicit about the language type such as MDX.

Added initial support for CalculationGroup and CalculationItem.

Improved lineage detection using sourceColumn property, even when mashup is involved.

Added initial support for SharedExpressions (Table, Parameter, Function) and function GoogleBigQuery.Database().

Fixed non-standard UDP usage property for Microsoft SSAS (XMLA) import bridge.

Microsoft Power BI (File): NullPointerException Improved lineage of report fields pointing to Hierarchy.Level.Attribute and improved bridge tooltip for Microsoft Power BI File import bridge.

Added initial support of function Salesforce.Reports() for Microsoft SSAS import bridge.

Microsoft SSIS: no connection schemas available for the database catalog Made the comparison of schemas and connection packages case sensitive.
Talend Data Integration: "Create table" by tRedshiftRow does not get table information Added support for ENCODE and DISTKEY.
SAS Library: "Illegal Argument: The Classifier...already contains a Feature with this Name" The bridge now detects and skips duplicate columns.
Talend Data Integration: "Drop table if exists" by tRedshiftRow does not get table information Added support for "DROP TABLE IF EXISTS".