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Release Notes

New features and improvements

Feature Description
SSO authentication: improved mechanism performance The redirecting message to log in has been changed from "Logging out" to "Login is in progress". The username and password fields have been removed during the SSO mechanism.

Notable fixes

Issue Description
Drill view in Object Explorer: cannot go to next page Fixed the pagination issue in the object explorer panel.
Repository: fails to load all published models Fixed a regression in the children and worksheet widgets when displaying children/objects of a data model object.
REST API: POST/repository/createRelationship fails with error "INVALID_PARAMETER" Fixed the error "Request JSON body does not have required property [fromColumnId]" with the function POST/repository/createRelationship.
Children widget settings: changes not propagated Fixed the missing columns in the Children widget.
Schedules: broken link for Cron trigger Updated the URL for Cron documentation.
Presentation: showing the widget setting when the "Hide Widget when empty" option is selected Fixed performance optimization regression for non editable attributes that should have been hidden automatically.
Users: configure LDAP user - NullPointerException Fixed NPE when creating LDAP query.