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Release Notes

New features and improvements

Feature Description
Talend Data Integration: "The Model is not consistent" Support for tOracleSCD has been improved to better set model destination in some cases.
Hadoop HDFS: common utility for connection configuration Common utility has been created for HDFS connection configuration.
Databricks Delta Lake Hadoop Hive Database: tables created as “delta” table not showing individual columns Support for 'delta' table columns has been added.
Any Database (via JDBC) import bridge / Data profiling: 0 no longer profiles all rows The limit used to process only the first 100,000 rows has been removed when setting the number of records to profile to 0.
Any Database (via JDBC) import bridge: new driver class path option The option for JDBC drivers location has been added.
Microsoft SSRS: extended debug logging Debug logging has been extended for local/shared DataSets and Data Sources.
Informatica PowerCenter: support of extracting multiple workflow instances which use concurrent workflow option Support for concurrent instances workflow has been added.
AWS RedShift Database: new driver version The import bridge has been updated to use the latest Amazon RedShift driver version.
PostgreSQL Database SQL DML Script: improved data lineage Support for the following JSON operators ('->', '-->', '#>', '#>>') has been added to the expression parser.
Google BigQuery Database: new miscellaneous parameter -driver.location The new option -driver.location has been added.
Salesforce import / Erwin DM export: improved data type mapping "REFERENCE" data type mapping has been updated into "VARCHAR".

Support for "nullable" attribute has been added.

Notable fixes

Issue Description
Talend Data Integration: wrong module name set when a Job extracts data from Salesforce Fixed tSalesforceInput processing.
Metadata Excel Format / SAP Sybase ASE Database: stitching issue between target and destination Added processing of the miscellaneous option -connection.casesensitive.
Talend Data Integration: integration with Talend Data Preparation / Data lineage not showing when using tDataPrepRun component Fixed data preparation import and renamed action.
Tableau: connection split needed Added the new option -connection.split to Miscellaneous parameter.
Tableau: missing links between DB connection and table Improved connection layer to fix the case sensitivity issue in the stitching process.
Tableau: support for version 2020 Added support for Tableau 2020.x.
IBM DataStage: expression syntax not recognized or not supported Added support for NEXT VALUE FOR in DB2 expression analyzer.
Cloudera Impala Hadoop Hive Database (via JDBC): harvesting views creates External Schemas Added support for local connections for Hive bridges.
Microsoft Power BI (File): "Illegal Argument: The Model already contains a StoreConnection with this PhysicalName" Improved support for Snowflake and parameters used in Power Query statement for Microsoft SSAS import bridge.
Any Database (via JDBC) import bridges: external connections processing Fixed external connection processing. Fixed bridge profiles to support it.
Microsoft SSIS: import failed with the error "Consistency: Element 'StoreConnection' has no name" Added a warning for connections without Connection String.
Metadata Excel Format export: tables with same business name are not exported Fixed the issue when exporting tables with the same business name.

Added a new bridge parameter called Include business name and description.

Tableau Server (Repository): support for connection to Amazon Aurora MySQL Extended the list of the supported data stores with Amazon Aurora.
AWS Athena Database (via JDBC) - Technical Preview: missing views in scan Improved the processing of template query to control the ResultSet structure.
Snowflake Database (via JDBC): PIVOT syntax cannot be harvested Added support for PIVOT syntax with feature definitions to the expression analyzer.
PostgreSQL Database SQL DML (DI/ETL) Script: inferred semantic classification not visible with SQL based ETLs Improved the expression printer to support pass-through links in SQL Script import bridges.
MongoDB NoSQL Database (JSON): cannot run import when Databases field is empty Defined the Databases bridge parameter as an optional field.
Talend Data Integration: missing table in a RedShift connection Fixed access key processing when the inherit credentials option is selected.
Talend Data Integration: target schema <no name> Fixed schema processing in the SCD components.
Salesforce (SFDC) Database / data sampling and profiling: invalid XML character (Unicode: 0xfffe) was found in the element content of the document Added support for the -backup option.

Added code to replace invalid XML chars with '?'.

Apache Atlas: does not return all results available for a search Implemented offset loading of filtered entities and added the miscellaneous parameters -request.limit and -entities.limit.
Talend Data Integration: "Create temporary table like" by tRedshiftRow does not get table information and connection Added support for CREATE TABLE LIKE syntax.
Microsoft SSIS (Repository Database): environment configuration override does not work properly Fixed parameter override for parameterized connections.
Apache Kafka using JAAS PLAIN authentication: "Timeout expired while fetching topic metadata" Added log message for JAAS JVM properties and improved JVM properties processing.
Microsoft ADLS Gen2 / MSI authentication: Windows with two managed identities / System Identity and User Defined Identity: "failed with Status code 403: request is not authorized" Added a note for MSI authentication: For "System assigned managed identity", you should replace the Client-Id with Application-Id from automatically created enterprise application for this virtual machine.
Apache Kafka: unable to connect with SSL handshake error Added the parameters "Keystore file","Password of the keystore", "Password of the key" to support Kafka ssl.client.auth=required.
Metadata Excel Format: when source in Schema for Metadata Excel Format has a slash at the beginning, it will be converted as Working Directory Improved building of the file path.
Metadata Excel format: stitching issue Fixed setting of stitching by name or position for Delimited and Hierarchical models.
Microsoft Power BI (File): support for Microsoft SSAS as a source For Microsoft PowerBI File import bridge, if the cube parameter is missing in SSAS live connection, use default perspective name.

Added initial support for legacy Oracle driver for Microsoft SSAS import bridge.

Oracle database (via JDBC): support for PIVOT clause that is followed by JOIN clause Fixed PIVOT clause that is followed by JOIN clause.
Oracle DML: not extracting one table from the script Fixed the summary lineage to trace until the first connection object instead of far left.