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Release Notes

New features and improvements

Feature Description
SAP Sybase ASE Database (via JDBC): new support The bridge now supports:
  • left/right join operators
  • specifying an index in a query
Talend Data Integration: new support for tSnowflakeOutputBulkExec and tSplitRow Talend Data Integration bridge now supports the tSnowflakeOutputBulkExec and tSplitRow components.
SAP S/4HANA / ECC: new parameters to skip identified categories during the import You can now use the following miscellaneous options to skip identified categories during the import:
  • -idocs.skip to skip IDocs,
  • -functiongroups.skip to skip Function Groups and Function Modules,
  • -programs.skip to skip Programs.
Talend Data Integration: new support Talend Data Integration bridge now supports:
  • ADD INDEX in ALTER TABLE statement
  • UNLOAD command
Microsoft SSIS: improved harvesting for DTSX files Support for WAITFOR has been added.
SAS Base SAS Code Support has been added for the following elements:
  • >=, GE, <=, LE, ^=, EQ boolean operators,
  • calling macro in macro,
  • DROP, OBS, KEY and END options of DATA statement,
  • %local in macro,
  • partial support for &&var&i macro variables,
  • macro %str and %nrstr.
Metadata Excel Format / Database JDBC import / Sybase: improved harvesting with non-standard format Processing of miscellaneous option -connection.casesensitive has been added if an Excel model contains "Mapping" tab only.
SAP Sybase ASE Database: improvement The driver version has been upgraded and obsolete dependencies have been removed.
Microsoft Power BI: improved DAX expression parser Support for local variables has been improved.
IBM IIS export / QlikSense import: new support for Report Element Support for Report Element has been added for QlikSense.
Database JDBC / PostgreSQL: new support for materialized views Support for materialized views has been added for PostgreSQL via JDBC generic bridge and PostgreSQL dedicated bridges.
Informatica PowerCenter (File) Support has been added for multiple TX instances with the same name.
Microsoft Power BI File: improved lineage Lineage to Microsoft Analysis Services has been improved via the PowerQuery function Cube.Transform().

Notable fixes

Issue Description
Microsoft SSAS: import fails with NullPointerException Used the original source name as name if its structure was not recognized.
IBM DataStage: The Model is not consistent Added code to retrieve database type from DataStage metadata and specify it as system type.
Metadata Excel Format: mapping description overridden by previous mapping with same target Fixed the issue when importing mapping description.
JDBC and Apache Hive import bridges: improved miscellaneous parameters Removed unnecessary backup options for JDBC and Apache Hive bridges.

Fixed restore backup for SQL Server.

Amazon RedShift JDBC: comments for tables and views are not displayed Added comments for Tables and Views and fixed table comments.
Cloudera Impala Hadoop Hive (via JDBC): not all schemas are imported Improved exception handling and fixed NPE.
MongoDB: "FATAL:java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: Index 1 out of bounds for length 1" Corrected Maven invocation and adjusted error message.
File System: Fixed Width files become delimited files when imported Fixed the processing of Fixed Width file format.
Erwin DM: missing system type on Connection model Set system type for connections.