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Release Notes

New features and improvements

Feature Description
Google BigQuery database (via JDBC): new support for multi-model projects and Application Default Credentials (ADC) authentication You can now import multiple Google Big Query projects at once.

You can now use the new miscellaneous option -datasets.location to query only the datasets that are in the specified location.

You can now use the Application Default Credentials (ADC) authentication method.

You can now use the bridge to connect and run queries from the context of the first project.

Hadoop Hive (via JDBC): improvement The bridge now ignores when tables are removed from the import.
Talend Data Integration: new support for Azure SQL Data Warehouse components The bridge now supports the tAzureSynapseBulkExec, tAzureSynapseConnection, tAzureSynapseInput, tAzureSynapseOutput and tAzureSynapseRow components.
Talend Data Integration: new miscellaneous option for internal parameters You can use the miscellaneous option -internal.parameter.overwrite to overwrite the value of an internal parameter involved in a connection component, when the input is assigned to internal parameters. This option allows you to overwrite three types of internal parameters: Connection, Schema and Operation.

For more information, see Talend Cloud Data Catalog Bridges.

Apache Spark with Python: new support for database connection splitting You can use the miscellaneous option -connection.split to split a database connection.
Erwin Mart: new support for catalog name of erwin Mart Support has been added for the catalog name of erwin Mart.
QlikSense: new support for sheet object labels The bridge now supports the sheet object labels to import the alias (Business Name) from reports.
SAP BO Information Design Tool: new support for BigQuery database type detection The bridge now supports the BigQuery database type detection.
Teradata DML (BTEQ): new support for CREATE ERROR TABLE statement The bridge now supports the CREATE ERROR TABLE statement.

Notable fixes

Issue Description
SAP Sybase ASE Database (via JDBC) / Metadata Excel Format: not stitching because of case sensitivity The stitcher will now look at the individual databases to compute the case sensitive flag instead of relying on the settings of the server.
PostgreSQL DML: expression syntax not recognized or not supported Support for PostgreSQL PRIMARY KEY syntax has been added. Statement COMMENT ON was ignored.

Non-native SQL functions arguments have been resolved.

IBM IDA: "FATAL:Exception: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Illegal Argument: The ForeignKey already has a AssociationRole" Fixed the issue when several relationships have connection to the same Foreign Key.
Snowflake (via JDBC): Length/Precision/Scale info is handling as '0' Fixed numeric/date time data types length and scale properties.
Talend Data Integration / MDM: tMDMOutput creates empty connection datasets Fixed tSalesforceConnection/Input components.
File System / Delimited File: priority order of the delimiter auto-detection Fixed processing order of the delimiter auto-detection from , (comma), ; (semicolon), : (colon), \t (tab), | (pipe), 0x1 (ctrl+A), BS (\u0008) to , (comma), ; (semicolon), \t (tab), | (pipe), 0x1 (ctrl+A), BS (\u0008), : (colon).
Microsoft SSIS (File): table and column names are wrongly harvested Fixed SSIS Excel reader/writer lineage.