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Release Notes

New features and improvements

Feature Description
Talend Data Integration: new support for tDeltaLakeConnection The bridge now supports the tDeltaLakeConnection component.
Informatica PowerCenter: new support The bridge now supports Amazon Redshift and Snowflake cloud readers.
Teradata Database (via JDBC): new support The bridge now supports Queue tables.
Snowflake Database (via JDBC): new support The bridge now supports:
  • END name part
Microsoft SSAS: XMLA File The bridge now supports the function Value.NativeQuery().

Notable fixes

Issue Description
Salesforce: "FATAL:MITI.MIRException: [MBC_SLFS_E0080] Cannot retrieve access token. Make sure you specify proper Instance/My Domain URL" Updated the tooltip of the Objects parameter.
IBM OpenIGC export / Talend DI import: unable to map the connections for Talend import using OpenIGC bridge Fixed support of file stores for Win/*NIX paths and improved the connection mapping to support splitting.
Teradata (via JDBC): Teradata specific miscellaneous parameter options Removed the deprecated option -t and added the detection for cross-model views columns data types.
SAS Data Integration / SAS library SAS Library (libref) names are case sensitive, for example Finance and FINANCE are different SAS libraries.

The SAS Library import bridge now creates models marked with "SystemCase=CaseType.SENSITIVE".

Both SAS Library and SAS Data Integration bridges no longer use the TableName property as PhysicalName because it is not unique.

Greenplum (via JDBC): Stored Procedures / no data flow for functions Added support for undocumented keyword ELSEIF.

Added support for assignment statements such as "var1 = count(1) from tmp_TextFile;".

AWS S3 Storage: Root Directory * / "IllegalArgumentException: Access key cannot be null" Set the Access key ID parameter to normal string type.

You can now specify if you want to import from all available buckets in the Root Directory parameter.

Oracle ODI: import fails with NullPointerException Added additional debug messages and optimized authentication cleanup.
Snowflake DML: data flow does not show properly Added support for CREATE TASK statement.