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Release Notes

New features and improvements

Feature Description
Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI) Enterprise Edition (Server): new instructions for Oracle Analytics Server Instructions have been added for Oracle Analytics Server in the bridge tooltip.
Talend Data Integration export / Informatica PowerCenter import: new support for converting Salesforce reader Support has been added for SalesforceInput and SalesforceOutput (export).
Teradata database (via JDBC): importing views requires SELECT permission on views Specific names have been added for functions. Queue Table flag and views columns data type evaluation have been also added.
IBM DataStage Support has been added for DB2 functions such as CHAR, VARCHAR or NVARCHAR.

Notable fixes

Issue Description
Informatica Developer: support for Customized Data Object component Added support for relational data object reader.
Teradata DML (BTEQ): unable to parse with various syntax errors Added support for:
  • data type TIME(0) WITH TIME ZONE,
  • nested star comments.
Snowflake: view SQL expression syntax not recognized Added support for clause TOP in SELECT statement.
Apache Spark (with Python) / Databricks PySpark: file connection rename Implemented the File Connection Rename option.
Google BigQuery: expression syntax not recognized Added support for:
  • backslash escaping,
  • INTERVAL date constant,
  • IF expression,
  • TIMESTAMP name,
  • string literals starting with r/R.
Microsoft SQL Server (via JDBC): unable to choose the same server object when linking connections The case sensitivity detection of directory structure model has been improved. Processing of local connections has been fixed for case insensitive models.
Microsoft Power BI Repository Server: import fails with error "already contains a StoreConnection with this PhysicalName" Improved support for shared datasets.

Replaced the -c miscellaneous option with -connection.cast.

Improved support for OleDb data sources.

Microsoft SQL Server (via JDBC): unable to harvest metadata of tables Fixed columns processing for tables that have the same name as a user-defined type.
Informatica PowerCenter (File): cloud deployment / SQL Override field is not parsing by bridge Added support for Hive Reader, Postgres writer cloud systems.

Improved type detection for ADLS, Azure Blob and Amazon S3 cloud systems.

Tableau Server Added log messages to help troubleshooting issues when downloading packages from the Tableau server.
W3C XSD Improved datatype factorization algorithm.

Improved checksum computation performance for user-defined types.

Added Miscellaneous parameters.

Amazon S3: issue with Root Directory * / "IllegalArgumentException: Access key cannot be null" Set Access key ID parameter to normal string type.

Changed "import from all available buckets" logic to depend on the empty Root directory parameter.

Fixed the empty root directory processing when credentials are set implicitly.

Talend Data Integration: tables cannot be stitched Added connection.casesensitive support for Reader/Writer without expression.
Hadoop Hive Metastore: issue with incremental harvesting Added code to clean up all empty schemas.

Fixed views based upon multiple tables in external schemas/databases.

IBM IIS export / Microsoft SSAS/SSRS import: BI report asset names are not unique when importing SSRS report Added SSRS DataSet name to Query and Fields dataset names.