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Release Notes

New features and improvements

Feature Description
File System / COBOL Copybook: new support for COMP-3 datatype The bridge now supports the COMP-3 datatype.
Talend Data Integration: new support for tJasperOutput and tJasperOutputExec The bridge now supports the tJasperOutput and tJasperOutputExec components.
Tableau: new support for Databricks type connection The bridge now supports Databricks data store type connection.
Informatica PowerCenter (Repository): new support for incremental harvesting The bridge now supports incremental harvesting.
Informatica Developer: new support for Consolidation transformation Support has been added for Consolidation transformation. Simple/Row based strategies are supported. Advanced (script based) strategies are not supported.
Snowflake (via JDBC) Support has been added for keyword FORCE in the CREATE VIEW statement.
MongoDB: new support for ReplicaSet connection The connection string supporting ReplicaSet has been implemented.

Notable fixes

Issue Description
Talend Data Integration: stitching issue with tAzureAdlsGen2Output Set partition flag if a path ends with a trailing slash.
Microstrategy: extraction fails with "MITI.MIRException: Cannot get DocumentDefinition" Added support for LATIN SMALL LETTER A WITH GRAVE.
Talend MDM: model not available in worksheets Added support for XSD categories and sub-categories.
Microsoft SSAS: syntax error "unexpected '['" causing stitching issue Added support for "-connection.cast" and "-connection.rename" options.

Improved MS OLE DB connection detection.

MicroStrategy: "java.io.IOException: MIMB Cache: Failed to rename file" Added support for ideographic space.

Fixed a case when one folder contains two facts with the same name.

Informatica PowerCenter Repository Improved the deletion of temporary files and added the "-encrypt.password" and "-pmpasswd.path" options.