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Release Notes

New features and improvements

Feature Description
Denodo Virtual DataPort: new -datasource.double_quotes miscellaneous parameter The new -datasource.double_quotes option allows to interpret the double quoted strings as identifiers in ANSI_QUOTES mode.
Tableau Server: new support for Amazon Athena as data store type The bridge now supports Amazon Athena as a new data store type.
QlikSense Server: new support for Streams metadata You can now extract Streams metadata and filter by Streams.
SAP Sybase ASE Database: new support for double quoted Sybase identifiers The bridge now supports the double quoted Sybase identifiers using the new -parser.double_quoted_identifier option.

Notable fixes

Issue Description
Talend Data Integration: data flow lineage not seen from Azure Storage Added the DOWNCASE function definition.
Snowflake: View Expression syntax not recognized Added support for slash comment, ILIKE operator, stage alias, JOIN LATERAL and CHANGES clause.
Tableau: "MBCM_F0029 java.lang.NullPointerException" Fixed NPE when importing the workbooks that are not associated with any projects on the server.
Microsoft SQL Server JDBC: imported database SQL comments should not be used as business description Added the -comment.udp option.
Google BigQuery: "MITI.MIRException: SQL error ([Simba][BigQueryJDBCDriver]" Added the -driver.options option and the options delimiter.
IBM DataStage: data lineage not working for some data flows Improved the bridge to process readers without "Generated SQL" XML attribute.
QlikSense import / IBM IIS export: incomplete lineage in IGC as database assets are missing Fixed the lineage when one OLAPModel is the source and the destination for other OLAPModel.

Fixed the lineage when OLAPMember is the source for ReportField. You need to create ReportDataItem between ReportField and OLAPMember as ReportField can have reference only to ReportDataItem.