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Release Notes

New features and improvements

Feature Description
Salesforce: improvement for data profiling The data profiling now processes all records. The limit processing only the first 100,000 rows has been removed when setting the value to 0 for the number of records to data profile in the bridge import options.

Notable fixes

Issue Description
Oracle Database: ON_TOKEN syntax in a View is not recognized Added support for ON OVERFLOW TRUNCATE WITH COUNT.
File System / Fixed Width: comments are not imported Added support for comments for Fixed Width Field.
Teradata database: error "java.lang.IllegalStateException: Can't find classifier" Improved the bridge validation code to allow empty sources during the evaluation process of Views columns data types.
Talend Data Integration export / Informatica PowerCenter import: expression syntax not recognized (or not supported) Added support for feature name starting with #.
Talend Data Integration: mismatch of context parameter type Removed the extra warning on the parameter values.
Databricks: cannot import the sampling/profiling data Improved the bridge to support the Spark JDBC driver.

Added error handling in the Data Quality library when the semantic type analyzer is initialized to finish the data profiling process, even if some of the semantic types contain regular expressions with errors.

PostgreSQL (via JDBC): multiple warnings "Expression syntax not recognized (or not supported)" Fixed the warnings caused by missing function header and added support for column name "set" in the expression parser.