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Semantic types help you to detect and understand the nature of the data contained in the data sources imported in your catalog.

Assigning a semantic type allows you to categorize and operate on objects which have the same semantic type.

You can tag objects manually such as columns in a database or fields in a file with a semantic type. Talend Cloud Data Catalog can also suggest you a semantic type assignment.

Before you begin

  • You have signed in as a user assigned to an administrator group.
  • Optionally, the data sampling and profiling have been enabled and configured during the metadata import.


  1. Go to the home page of a metadata element.
  2. In the Fields or Columns tab, select a field or a column to open its home page.
  3. In the Semantic Types area, select a semantic type from the drop-down list.
    Talend Cloud Data Catalog can automatically suggest an inferred semantic type. Click the tick to approve the suggestion or click the cross to reject it.
  4. Click the Commit changes button to save your modification.
    A semantic type displays in yellow when it is configured to mask data.