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Before you begin

  • You have been assigned a Manager security role.


  1. In the banner, go to MANAGE > Configuration.
  2. Open the model.
  3. Click the Naming Standards tab.
  4. Select the Enable Naming Standards check box.
  5. Fill in the following parameters.
    Field Description
    Glossary Category Choose a category of a glossary to obtain the naming standard lookup values.

    You may need to open that glossary separately and create a new category.

    Allow Supervised Learning

    Select the check box to update the associated category terms of business glossary when editing the (logical) Name property for columns and tables, to reflect the new naming.

    Ignore Common Prefix in Table Columns Select the check box to ignore the common prefix in the table columns.
    Capitalize First Letter of Each Word Select the check box to capitalize the first letter of each word.
    Prefixes/Suffixes to Ignore Type in the prefixes and suffixes to be ignored.
  6. Click Save.