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These definitions will help you understand the main concepts related to the business glossary.

Data Governance

A business glossary is critical to the development and management of a complete data architecture. Talend Cloud Data Catalog provides an ISO 11179-based business glossary to capture, define, maintain and implement an enterprise business glossary of terminology, data definitions, code sets, domains, validation rules, etc. In addition, semantic mappings describe how elements in a source model (more conceptual like the business glossary) define elements in a destination model (closer to an implementation or representation).

The business glossary helps an enterprise to reach agreement between all stakeholders on their business assets (such as terms) and how they relate to data assets (such as database tables) and technology assets (such as ETL mappings). The business glossary can be used to document logical/physical data entities and attributes across IT collaboratively. Again, it involves tracing dependencies between business and technical assets.

Business Glossary

In Talend Cloud Data Catalog, a business glossary is a self-contained collection of categories and terms or sub-categories contained within each category. In turn, the terms may be semantically mapped to objects throughout the rest of the repository, such as tables and columns in a data model. Once mapped, you may perform semantic lineage traces such as definition lookups and term semantic usage across any configurations containing the business glossary, mappings and mapped objects.


In order to ensure that the business glossary is accurate, up-to-date, available to all who need access to it and integrated properly with the rest of the metadata in the repository, Talend Cloud Data Catalog also provides a robust collection of data governance tools and methodologies. The business glossary provides a very flexible workflow and publication process. In addition, you may maintain any number of business glossaries, each with different workflow and publication characteristics.


A Steward is a user or a group of users who is assigned as point of contact to answer questions for specific terms or entire categories. The steward may be notified when changes are made to terms as part of the workflow.


A business glossary is organized into categories, which may then contain terms or other categories. Categorization can help with:

  • Subset by subject matter or organizational structure
  • Managing stewardship assignments (at the category level)


Terms may be cross-linked in a wide variety of relationship types, such as Synonyms, See Also or More General.