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Open a report from your catalog in a BI tool.

Defining the URL to connect the external tool

  • You have imported successfully the report in a model from the source tool.
  • You have been assigned a Manager security role.
  1. Go to MANAGE > Configuration or MANAGE > Repository.
  2. Click the report in the Configuration Manager or Repository Manager panel.
  3. Click the Tools tab.
  4. Click the Enable button to enable the Open in External Tool action.
  5. In the Server URL field, enter the URL to the external tool.
  6. Click SAVE.

Opening a report in an external tool from the report details page

  • You have defined the external URL in the Tools tab.
  • You have been assigned a Viewer security role.
  1. Open the details page of the report.
  2. Click the Open with External Tool button next to the report name.

    You can also go to the More actions menu then click Open with external tool.

Opening a report in an external tool from a worksheet

You can open a report in an external tool without going to its details page.

  1. In a worksheet, click the Columns menu.
  2. Move the External URL column from the Available columns list to the Selected columns list.
  3. Close the Columns panel.

    You can now open the report in an external tool directly from the worksheet.