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You can schedule to run the profiling process periodically and limit it either by maximum duration or amount of data.

The bridge saves profiling results in the MIMB cache as soon as possible. When it profiles multiple files, it saves profiling results of each file as soon as they are ready.

If the bridge fails, it can restart at the latest point available in the cache. When the bridge detects that the file did not change, it can update the profile time for the file.

Before you begin

You have signed in as a user assigned to the Administrators or Application Administrators group.


  1. In the Import Setup tab, select the True value for the Incremental Import parameter.
  2. Specify the following miscellaneous options.
    • -tl 3600s processing time limit in s -seconds m - minutes or h hours;
    • -fl 1000 processing files count limit.

    Refer to the parameter information by expanding the Help panel.