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Talend Cloud Data Inventory with Snowflake Getting Started Guide

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You are now ready to start importing your own datasets in the inventory. When starting your Talend Cloud Data Inventory trial, a Snowflake connection is automatically created. The Snowflake connection is a JDBC type connection and contains the information to connect to your datastore.


  1. To create a new dataset from your Snowflake connection, you have two possibilities:
    • From the Connections list, point your mouse over the Snowflake connection and click the + icon.
    • From the Datasets list, click the Add dataset button.
    The Add a new dataset panel opens.
  2. Give a name to your dataset in the corresponding field.
  3. From the Type drop-down list of the Main tab of the form, select the method to use in order to retrieve the data from Snowflake:
    • Table streams
    • Query
    • Table name
  4. Depending on what Type you selected, respectively enter a Table name and Stream name, and SQL query, or a Table name.
  5. In the Advanced tab of the form, enter the Fetch size.
  6. You can optionally click View sample to see a preview of the first 50 records of your dataset and check if the data really corresponds to what you want to import.
  7. Click Validate to create the dataset and add it to the inventory.


You are now ready to look into the details of your Snowflake dataset.

Aside from Snowflake, Talend Cloud Data Inventory offers connectivity to a wide range of environments or systems such as file systems or cloud platforms, see the Talend Cloud Connectors Guide for more information.