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Create and apply a tag to a dataset directly from the Overview.

Let's say that you have been shared a dataset and that several tags have already been applied to it. After looking at the data into details, you have decided that the dataset can be used in an integration pipeline. In order to add this information as metadata visible to all, you will add a new Integration tag.


  1. In the Tags tile of the Overview page, click Add tag. The badge turns into a text area, where you can enter your label.
  2. Start typing the keyword you want to use as tag, Integration in this example.
    As you type, suggestions corresponding to the tags created by other users will be listed. This prevents unnecessary duplication of values.
  3. When you have finished entering the label, press Enter to validate and apply it.


The new Integration tag has been created and applied to the dataset along the previous ones. This new value can be used as facet value and helps in giving context information on the dataset

To remove a tag, simply click the cross in the badge.