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Now that you have been able to analyze the content of your dataset and assess its quality, you are in a position to rate the dataset.

To illustrate your idea of the dataset's quality in a simple way, Talend Cloud Data Inventory allows you to give it a rating score, expressed in percentage.

Let's say that your dataset is mostly comprised of valid and relevant records and that there are no major formatting or configuration errors. Only a few empty and invalid values remain. In consequence, you will apply an individual rating score of 90% to the dataset to reflect its good quality.


  1. Click No rating in the header menu.
  2. While clicking the cursor, drag it to the right of the slider until it reaches the position that corresponds to the rating of 90% that you want to apply.

    Directly clicking the face icons can be used as shortcut to apply one of the preset values of 0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100%.

  3. Release the cursor to apply your rating.


In the dataset header, the No rating button has been updated with a new average rating. For now, it matches your individual rating, but it will change if other users also give a rating score.