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Custom attributes allow you to create a flexible and generic tagging system for your data assets managed in Talend Cloud Data Inventory.

From the Custom attributes tab of the left menu, Talend Cloud Data Inventory lets you define custom attribute definitions, with values that are specific to your organization or implementation choices, in order to convey relevant metadata to your datasets. You can also benefit from this tagging system to perform faceted search based on a specific attribute, and identify all datasets that fall in the same category.

In Talend Cloud Data Inventory, custom attributes definitions are divided into two categories:

  • The List of values type, for which you create a list of compatible values that users will choose from.
  • The Text type, for which users can freely input a value, without restrictions.

There is a dedicated panel in the dataset overview, where you can assign alphabetical or numerical values to a category, depending on the limitations you set beforehand.

To enable the custom attribute definition creation, you must have one of the following Talend Cloud Data Inventory roles assigned in Talend Cloud Management Console:

  • Technical administrator
  • Dataset administrator
  • Dataset manager

The following scenarios will illustrate how to create both types of custom attribute definitions, as well as how to apply the desired value to the dataset metadata.