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Once you have enabled an API on your dataset, you can use Talend Cloud API Tester to send requests and test your API.

Before you begin

You have access to Talend Cloud API Tester. For more information, see Talend Cloud API Tester User Guide.


  1. In Talend Cloud API Tester, open the Requests tab and click the New draft request button in the left panel.
  2. Keep the default GET method and enter your API URL, for example https://company-talend-com.eu.talend-dataset.com/apis/customers-api-2PZPTB/customers to get all data in the customers entity set.

    If your connection uses a Cloud Engine for Design, you can find the URL in the API tab of your dataset. If you are using a Remote Engine Gen2, contact your administrator to get the relevant URL.

  3. Optional: Expand QUERY PARAMETERS and click Add query parameter if you want to add parameters.
    For example, if you want to get the first two items for which the value of customer_city is Olympia, you can configure the parameters as follows:
    Name Value
    $filter customer_city eq 'Olympia'
    $top 2
  4. Add your authentication:
    • If you are using Basic authentication, click Add authorization under HEADERS, then enter the username and password for one of your consumers and click Set.
    • If you are using an API key, click Add header, enter Authorization in the name field and enter Token followed by your API key in the value field.
  5. Click Send to send the request.


Talend Cloud API Tester returns data from your dataset. With the parameters in this example, the response looks like this:
    "@odata.context": "https://company-talend-com.eu.talend-dataset.com/apis/customers-api-2PZPTB/$metadata#customers",
            "customer_age": "36",
            "id": "g9wjC",
            "customer_name": "Franklin Washington",
            "customer_city": "Olympia",
            "customer_street": "North Erringer Road"
            "customer_age": "68",
            "id": "EVFMD",
            "customer_name": "Ronald Van Buren",
            "customer_city": "Olympia",
            "customer_street": "Bayshore Freeway"