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Talend Cloud Data Inventory maintains an inventory of data assets managed within Talend Cloud.

Datasets are added to this inventory whenever they are collected or created using Talend Cloud Pipeline Designer or Talend Cloud Data Preparation. These datasets are automatically profiled, associated with a Talend Trust Score™ based on their underlying data quality, crowd-sourced ratings and popularity, and documented with metadata. They can then be shared so that other users in the Talend Cloud platform can easily find them through faceted search, while authorized users can add their own endorsements and custom metadata attributes.

Talend Cloud Data Inventory is designed for data consumption. The automatic documentation provides context to enable data analysts, data engineers, data stewards and other data consumers to find and understand the relevant datasets. More importantly, since Talend Cloud Data Inventory is embedded in Talend Cloud Pipeline Designer and Talend Cloud Data Preparation, these users can then drill deeper into the data once it has been found, in order to perform data cleansing operations, and ultimately turn this data into tangible business results with a unified user experience.