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Now that you have highlighted and prepared a restricted list of customers, you will export it as a local file.


  1. Click the Export button.
  2. Select the All data radio button and make sure the Apply filters switch is activated.
    That way, the export will include all the potential rows that match the filter, even beyond the sample if your dataset is bigger than that, in the same manner as the fetch more operation.
  3. Choose the file format you want to use when exporting your data.
    • If you choose Local CSV file, select which field delimiter, text enclosure and escape characters to use and enter a name for the file to export.
    • If you choose Local XLSX file or Local TABLEAU file, choose a name for the file to export.
    • If you choose Amazon S3, enter your credentials and other information to store your file on Amazon S3.


The data you cleansed using your preparation is exported to a local file.