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You can take the data from any column, and use it to consolidate another.

Now that only the mobile phone numbers are selected, you will use these values to replace the wrong numbers in the phone number to use column.


  1. Select a column in which you want to replace values, phone number to use in this example.
  2. In the Functions panel, type Fill cells with value and click the result to open the options for the associated function.
  3. Configure the function as follows.

    Make sure the Filtered rows option is selected in order to only apply the function on the filtered lines.

  4. Click the Submit button to apply the function.

    The filtered content of the selected column, phone number to use in this example, is replaced with the data from the phone column.

  5. In the filter bar, click the garbage bin icon to clear the filter and display the whole dataset again.


You have used the filtered data to update the information of the consolidated column.