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Talend Cloud Data Preparation Quick Examples

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The use cases described in this document show several way of using Talend Cloud Data Preparation to perform formatting or cleansing operations to your data.

From the guided tour embedded in the application, you can import several demo datasets, as well a demo preparations that were created on top of them to get a first idea of the improvements you can make to the overall quality of your data:
  • The Customers dataset is used as source for the Standardize preparation. It shows how you can standardize state names, delete invalid records, consolidate phone numbers, change their format as well as date formats, or use a masking function to protect data. Finally, the Magic Fill function is used to convert dates to the corresponding day of the week.
  • The Build_email preparation uses the Marketing Leads and the Emails Reference datasets and joins them in order to recreate emails addresses from customers names, company names, and their corresponding domain addresses.

In addition to these preparations that are available directly within the application, you can download additional datasets from the Downloads tab in the left panel of this page and use them to complete the following examples: