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REST API simplifies your interaction with the data stored in Talend Cloud Data Preparation by using a number of methods or request types.

You can access all REST API documentation pages based on Swagger and run requests. You can download a JSON file from any of the REST API documentation pages.


  1. Open a Web browser and enter the URL corresponding to your region, following this pattern: https://tdp.<region>
    You'll find a list of the URLs to use for each data center in Talend Cloud regions and URLs.

    The Data Preparation API page opens and operations are classified into different categories as shown below:

  2. Click a category name to display the operation list under the category.
  3. From the category list:
    Select To
    Show/Hide Show or hide all operations
    List Operations Expand or collapse the operation list
    Expand Operations Expand the details of an operation
  4. Start testing the execution of different operations.
  5. To be able to call the PUT, POST or DELETE methods, you need to use a GET method to retrieve the XSRF token. Start by pressing F12 to open the Console of your browser.
  6. Click Try it out in a GET method documentation next to Parameters.
  7. Fill in the fields requested.
  8. Click Execute.
  9. In the Console, click the URL of your request.
  10. Under Request Headers >cookie, retrieve the XSRF-TOKEN.
  11. In the Talend Cloud Data Preparation documentation page, click the and paste your XSRF token.
  12. Click Authorize.
  13. You can now call GET, PUT, POST and DELETE methods.