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In a column header, click the icons next to the column name to display the available options.

The table below describes the different actions that you can perform on columns.

Action Description
This column is a... Allows you to change a column data type, if the value is not the desired one.
Create column Creates a new column to include additional data in your dataset if needed. Specify a name and how to fill the content of the new column, either by copying an existing column, generating a sequence of integers, or leaving it blank.
Delete column Allows you to remove unnecessary columns.
Duplicate column Creates a copy of a given column.
Rename column You can rename a column with a meaningful name if you want to identify them more easily.

It is also possible to rename a column by double clicking its name.

Display rows with valid values

Display rows with invalid values

Display rows with empty values

Display rows with invalid or empty values

Allows you to directly apply a filter on a certain category of data for a given column, even if there is no matching value in the sample. This can be useful when working on a large dataset for example.
Column description Hover over the icon to read the column description previously added via Talend Cloud Data Inventory.
Note: This feature is available when Talend Cloud Data Inventory is enabled.