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The Talend Data Preparation REST API are secured by the Oauth2 protocol and an Authorization header (Bearer Authentication).

To retrieve a Bearer token from the SSO provider and access the Talend Data Preparation REST API, you will need the Authorization response headers of an HTTP POST request on the /login path.

API requests require access tokens. For further information, see Generating a Personal Access Token.


  1. To retrieve an authentication token, open a terminal and execute the following request:
    curl -v -X POST <tdp_url>/login -d 'username=<USERNAME>&password=<PASSWORD>'

    Where tdp_url is the URL of your Talend Data Preparation environment.

    You will get the following Response header:

    access-control-expose-headers: Authorization
    Authorization: Bearer <token>
  2. Request any Talend Data Preparation REST API with the following Authorization request header:
    Authorization: Bearer <token>