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Talend Cloud Data Preparation offers a variety of mathematical operations that can be applied to a column, or between several columns, like calculating a mean for example.

This example uses a dataset that lists the number of sales for a specific product, per country and per quarter. In a single action, you will be able to calculate an average of the quarterly number of sale for each country.


  1. Use Ctrl + click or Shift + click to select the headers of the four columns containing the sales per quarter, for which you want to calculate the mean.
  2. In the Functions panel, type Mean of columns.
  3. Click the eye icon if you want to preview the effects of the function, or simply click the function to apply it.


A new column is created, containing the mean value for the 2018 quarterly sales.

For a list of the other mathematical functions that you can apply on several columns at once, see the Math category of the List of functions.