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As the date formats used across the world are not the same, you may need to change the format used in a column containing dates.


  1. Select a column containing dates.
  2. In the Functions panel, click Change Date Format in the Suggestion part to open the options for the associated function.
  3. From the New format drop-down list, select one of the predefined date formats, or Other in this example.

    See Date Formats for more information regarding the available options.

  4. In the Your Format field, type dd/MM/yyyy to change the date from an American format to a French one.
    For example, this will change 12/25/2015 to 25/12/2015.

    When entering a custom format in this field, the values that are considered valid are actually defined by Java. See the Java documentation for more information on the supported date and time patterns.

  5. Click Submit.

    You have the possibility to output the result of this function in a new column by selecting the Create new column check box.


The date format is changed in the selected column.
Tip: This transformation can also be performed by using the Magic fill function.