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When selecting a dataset from the list, the dataset overview panel opens, displaying different information and metadata.

Note: This feature becomes available for Talend Cloud Pipeline Designer and Talend Cloud Data Preparation users when Talend Cloud Data Inventory is enabled for the account.
The information that you can find at a glance, is structured in the form of tiles:
  • Talend Trust Score™: Visualize the Talend Trust Score™ of your dataset around five metrics axis and learn how to improve its global trustworthiness.
  • Details: This tile regroups the basic information about the dataset creator, the creation and last modification dates, as well as who modified it.
  • Data quality: Get a quick look at the quality of your data with dedicated bar charts that show the repartition of empty, invalid and valid values across the entire dataset.
  • Rating: This tile allows you to apply or edit your individual rating, as well as having access to the global rating of the dataset.
  • Description: The optional description that you entered during the dataset creation can be found here. It can also be edited to include any other context information you want to share on this dataset.
  • Pipelines: List of pipelines that use this dataset as source or destination.
  • Preparations: List of preparations that use this dataset as source, as well a list of preparations that are compatible with this dataset and can be directly applied.
  • Custom attributes: All the custom attributes definitions that have been created for the tenant are regrouped in this tile. From there, you can apply a value to any of the categories or modify an existing one to complete the dataset metadata.
  • Tags: Easily apply tags to better document your dataset and improve its searchability.
  • API: This tile is visible for compatible datasets. It allows you to enable an API, so that consumers can get the dataset information, and monitor its activity.