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After creating a dataset, you can visualize and understand its content via the sample view.

Note: This feature becomes available for Talend Cloud Pipeline Designer and Talend Cloud Data Preparation users when Talend Cloud Data Inventory is enabled for the account.

Talend Cloud Data Inventory can display a sample of 10,000 records of your datasets. It includes quality indicators at the dataset and column level, and you will also be able to change the semantic type of the records so that the data is well defined.

The Head sample is selected by default, it displays the first 10,000 records of your dataset. If you need to work on a more representative sample of your dataset, click the arrow next to Head sample and select Random sample to display 10,000 randomly selected records.

The dataset sample can be accessed from the following locations:

  • From the dataset list:
  • From the dataset detailed view.

    On the top right of the sample, you can choose between three distinct ways of displaying the data:

    • Grid: The records are displayed in tabular form. This is the default view when opening a sample.
      Note: The asterisk you can sometimes see next to the column title means that the column was set as mandatory in the source dataset, with tools such as Salesforce.
    • Hierarchy: The records are displayed in a tree-like structure.
    • Raw: The records are displayed in an untouched and unfiltered version.