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Exports made on your preparations are kept in memory. This makes it easier to retrieve the results of a given preparation with its specific export settings.

For a given preparation, a history of the last 100 exports that have been performed is available.

To access the history of your preparation, click the Export History button in the application header bar.

The Export History page opens, where various information on the export process is displayed.

You can enable desktop notifications to get updates about the export status directly from your web browser.

Once enabled, after allowing push notifications from Talend website in your web browser, you can click the notification to download the export or go back to the Export History page.

Basic information on the export is available at first glance, but you can also expand a specific export for additional information.

Field Description
Status The status of the export can be:
  • Running
  • Successful
  • Failed
  • Terminated
Created by Name of the user who started the export.
Start Date and time at which the export process was launched.
Time spent Duration of the export process.
Download Use this button to retrieve the result of the preparation as a local file. Only the latest export of a preparation for a given output format can be downloaded.
Format Describes the output format selected for the export.
Destination Name of the output file.
Engine Describes on which execution server the export was launched.