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You will now access your target environment and import the previously exported preparation.

Before you begin

A dataset with the same name and schema as the one which the export was based on must be present on the target environment.

The reason for this is that when a preparation is exported as a .json file, the name and schema of the source dataset are exported, in addition to the preparation steps that were applied. The target environment must contain this information on the source dataset, in other words a dataset with the same name and schema, or an error will occur during the import.


  1. Log into your Talend Data Preparation target environment.
  2. In the left panel menu, click Preparations to display the available actions related to preparations.
  3. Click the Import preparation button.
  4. In the file explorer window, select the customers_preparation.json file previously exported.
    A loading bar is displayed during the import process. If a preparation with the same name already exists, you can either overwrite it, or import your preparation with a different name.


The customers preparation is added to the list of preparations in the Preparations view of the homepage. It can now be safely used as a production-ready item, in a Talend Job for example, to easily clean data with the same model.