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List of the environments and systems to which you can connect.

Unless stated otherwise the latest versions are supported.

Connection type

Supported system

Unidirectional / Bidirectional
Databases Amazon Aurora Bidirectional
Amazon DynamoDB Bidirectional
Amazon Redshift Bidirectional
Apache Kudu Bidirectional
Azure Cosmos DB Bidirectional
Azure Synapse Bidirectional
Couchbase Bidirectional
Delta Lake Bidirectional
Derby Bidirectional
Google BigQuery Bidirectional
Google Bigtable Bidirectional
MariaDB Bidirectional
Microsoft SQL Server Bidirectional
Microsoft SQL Server - JTDS driver (Deprecated) Bidirectional
MongoDB Bidirectional
MySQL Bidirectional
Oracle Bidirectional
PostgreSQL Bidirectional
SingleStore Bidirectional
Snowflake, including pushdown capabilities Bidirectional
Cloud file systems Amazon S3 Bidirectional
Azure Blob Storage Bidirectional
Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 Bidirectional
Box Bidirectional
Google Cloud Storage Bidirectional
Business applications Dynamics 365 Bidirectional
Marketo Bidirectional
Google Analytics Input only
NetSuite Bidirectional
Salesforce Bidirectional
Workday Bidirectional
Zendesk Bidirectional
Web services HTTP Client Bidirectional
REST (deprecated) Bidirectional
File systems FTP Bidirectional
HDFS Bidirectional
Messaging Amazon Kinesis Input only
Apache Pulsar Bidirectional
Azure Event Hubs Bidirectional
Google PubSub Bidirectional
Kafka Bidirectional
RabbitMQ Bidirectional
Search and index ElasticSearch v2.4.4 to 6.3.2 Bidirectional
Local connection (for local data) This built-in connection allows you to store your local file as a dataset. Bidirectional
Test connection (for test data) Data generator: This connection allows you to generate random realistic data according to the conditions you define. Input only
Test connection: This built-in connection allows you to enter manually your test data as a dataset. Bidirectional
Talend Cloud platform Talend Cloud Data Stewardship campaigns can be retrieved and used as pipeline sources and destinations, allowing you to both read from them and write into them. Bidirectional