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When no semantic types obtain a result of more than 40%, the data discovery assigns a data type.

List of the different native data types
Native data type Description Example
Text String text username
Integer Numeric value 123
Decimal Decimal numeric value 1.26
Date Date including day, month and year 11/08/2022
Time Time of the day 11am
Timestamps Date and time 11/08 11:00
Boolean Answers with the value True or False True
To determine of which type is a value, the data discovery follows an order:
  • Is the value empty?
  • Is the value of type boolean? true and false are the only values considered of type boolean.
  • Is the value of type integer?
  • Is the value of type decimal?
  • Is the value of type date?
  • If the value is not of one of the above types, it is considered a text value.

    As the verification is incremental, a value is only of one type. For example, the value 5 is of type integer. It will not be considered of type text.