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Users have the possibility to rate the quality of the datasets that they own, or that are shared with them.

From the overview or the detailed view of a dataset, you can apply an individual rating, expressed in percentage, that reflects your idea of the dataset's quality. The rating that will be displayed in the dataset list is the overall rating score, that is the average of all the ratings applied by users that also have access to the dataset.


  1. From the Datasets page, click one of your datasets to enter its detailed view.
  2. From there, you can:
    • Click No rating in the header menu.
    • Go to the Rating tile in the dataset overview.
    In this example, no rating score has been applied yet. If a rating already exists in your dataset, click the face icon to apply a new score.
  3. While clicking the cursor, drag it on the slider to the rating your want to apply.

    The rating score is expressed in percentage. As indicated by the face icons, the furthest right you drag the cursor, the highest the rating.

  4. Release the cursor to apply the rating score.
    To delete your individual rating, click the Clear button.


Your individual rating has been applied. After other users have applied their own rating, the average score will be updated.