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The last step of the run configuration is the environment configuration.


  1. Optional: Toggle the Keep row order button to keep the same row order in your destination dataset as in your source dataset. This can increase the preparation running time. If the preparation contains order-sensitive functions, this option is enabled by default and cannot be changed.
  2. Select an existing run profile to run the configured preparation.

    Run profiles are created by users with specific roles on Talend Cloud Management Console.

    A run profile contains the set of configurations for executing pipelines on a Remote Engine Gen2 or on a Cloud Engine for Design, according to your license type. You can define the right resource allocation and advanced properties used at runtime in the run profiles. Based on your license and engine type, different run profile types are available.

    By default, the run profile selected will be the one based on the first available engine in the list.

    For more information on run profiles, see Creating run profiles.

  3. Click Run.


The preparation starts running. Depending on the dataset size and step number, it may take a few seconds or minutes to finish. You can find information about the run status in the Run history page.

For more information about the Run history, check the run history page.