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The Talend Trust Score™ helps you answer the question "How trustable is my dataset?". This global quality indicator aggregates several metrics into a single and easy to understand score, that scales from 0 to 5.

The different factors that can raise or lower the Talend Trust Score™ of a dataset can be regrouped under five main axis:

  • Validity, that takes into account the quality of the dataset itself, with the number of valid and invalid values across the dataset sample, as well as the use of semantic types.
  • Completeness, that depends on the number of empty records in your sample.
  • Popularity, that gives an idea of the reliability of the dataset, via the presence of user ratings and certification level.
  • Discoverability, reflecting how well-documented your dataset is, with the use of proper metadata such as a description, tags or custom attributes. A well documented dataset is easier to find.
  • Usage, that shows how much your dataset is used as source for pipelines or preparations.

The Talend Trust Score™ is updated every time an action impacting those parameters is performed. You can improve the Talend Trust Score™ of your dataset by using Talend Cloud Data Preparation or Talend Cloud Pipeline Designer to work on the quality of the data itself, or via the social features of Talend Cloud Data Inventory.

The Talend Trust Score™ of a dataset can be found at the following locations:

  • From the dataset list:

    The Talend Trust Score™ is displayed as a series of shield icons, that are more or less filled depending on the score. Point you mouse over the icon to display the exact score with 2 decimals.

  • From the dataset overview:

    In a dedicated tile, you can see the Talend Trust Score™ of your dataset, as well as a radar chart, where each of the five axis is represented. You can see at a glance what your dataset is lacking in order to get a better score. Click on the axis name, or navigate using the arrows, to focus on an axis and display a description of the corresponding metrics, and how to improve the score.

  • From the dataset detailed view:

    In the header above your dataset, you can also find a simplified version of the Talend Trust Score™ icon, with just one shield, and the exact score with 2 decimals.