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A Resolution campaign enables you to cure any anomalies in data records such as invalid or missing values.

As a campaign owner, you need to create the campaign to determine the structure of the data to be managed, the actions to be taken on data and which data stewards to work on what tasks.

Consider a scenario where the enterprise product catalog has product records with some values that need to be fixed or provided. You want to use a first validation step to approve the price values in the product records, and a second validation step to approve product records and make sure the catalog holds the most complete and accurate information.

Once this is done, a Talend Job can upload cleansed data to the Master Data Management (MDM) repository for example.

Before you begin

  • An administrator has created stewardship users and assigned them roles in Talend Cloud Management Console. For further information about managing users, see Talend Cloud Management Console User Guide.

  • You have been assigned the campaign owner role in Talend Cloud Management Console, or assigned a role with permissions to add and manage data models and campaigns.

  • You have accessed Talend Cloud Data Stewardship as a campaign owner.