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Campaign owners can update data models whether they are attached to campaigns or not.

When updating a data model used by one or more campaigns, the campaigns are updated as follows:

  • Campaigns are temporarily disabled.
  • Campaign metadata is updated.
  • Tasks are updated, attributes are renamed and the tasks are revalidated.
  • Campaigns are enabled.


  1. Log in as a campaign owner.
  2. Select Data Models and click the name of the data model you want to open.
    Note: To save the changes made in the Attributes and Rules tabs, click Save data model.
  3. Click the attribute you want to update or click Add attribute.
  4. Define the attribute definition, maximum/minimum value or the pattern used on the attribute.
    When you change an attribute identifier, you need to modify accordingly the Talend Job you use to communicate with the campaign and write, read, or delete tasks.
  5. To update or apply a data quality rule, click Rules. Data quality rules allow you to validate your data. For more information, see Working with data quality rules.
  6. Click the data quality rule you want to update or click Add rule.
  7. Define the rule.
    A variable is automatically associated to an attribute when the variable and attribute names are similar or identical.
    If a variable is not associated to the desired attribute, click the attribute and select another one from the drop-down list.
  8. Click Save data model.
    Campaigns using the data model are temporarily disabled. The disabling time depends on the campaign size.
    Campaign metadata is updated, attributes are renamed and the tasks listed in the campaign which are not resolved yet are updated and revalidated. Also, an entry is added to the history of each of the tasks to show the changes done in the data model.


The data model is updated according to the modifications done and the campaigns using the data model are enabled.