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You can use the quality bar to filter data and list only the tasks you want to resolve or you want to assign or delegate to specific data stewards.

The quality bar is a bar on top of each of the columns in a tasks list. It indicates data quality using colors. The quality bar displays the percentage and number of valid, invalid or empty values in the column.

The quality bar is available in Resolution and Merging campaigns.


  1. Open a Resolution or a Merging campaign.
  2. Point to a color in the quality bar on top of one of the columns to display the number of the values which match the color indication.
    Color Description
    Red The values are invalid according to a constraint or data quality rule.
    Gray The fields are empty. The empty values for a mandatory field are marked as red.
    Green The values are valid according to the constraints and data quality rules. The non-applicable values1 from data quality rules are marked as green.
    1 The values are not applicable when they do not fulfill the condition of the data quality rule, and no alternative validation expression has been defined.
  3. Click the color in the quality bar of a column to list only valid, invalid or empty fields in that column.
    The filter detail is added on top of the list using the same filter color, and a switch is displayed on the top left corner.
  4. Click a color in the quality bar of another column to combine the two filters and list the tasks that fulfill the combined conditions.
    You can combine as many filters as needed and you can combine filters between the quality bar and the chart in the right panel.
  5. Click the switch to toggle between the filtered and unfiltered task list, if needed.
  6. To remove the filter(s) you defined, place your pointer on the top right corner of the list and click the trash icon.