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The Talend Dictionary Service API allows you to perform operations on semantic types.

All semantic types start as a sandbox. You can then save them as drafts and publish them.

The following table describes the statuses a semantic type can have and what they mean:

Status Description
Sandbox Sandbox is the initial status of a semantic type. This means that when you create a new semantic type, it will be put in sandbox status.
Draft You can then save the semantic type as a draft. This means that the semantic type is still not published. You can continue making changes. None of these changes are visible in Talend applications.
Published Once you are satisfied with the changes, you can publish the semantic type. This means that the semantic type is available in Talend applications.

If you want to edit a published semantic type, it must go through the whole workflow again: you need to create a sandbox for this semantic type, make your changes, save it as a draft, and publish it.