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When handling tasks in a Merging campaign, data stewards may find that the source records of two or more tasks should be merged into a single task.


  1. On the Tasks page, click the name of the Merging campaign you want to open.
  2. From the list of the tasks assigned to you, whether at the initial state or at the validation state of the workflow, select the tasks you want to merge.
    Tip: From the task list, hold the Ctrl or Shift keys to select multiple tasks. On Mac, hold the Cmd or Shift keys.
  3. In the right panel, click Task > Merge the selected tasks.
    The values in the new task are selected according to the campaign default survivorship rules applied to all source records. This means that any manual change done in the meantime on the tasks just merged is lost.

    The selected tasks are merged into one and moved to the bottom of the list. Any comments attached to the merged tasks will be removed and the new task will have no comments.

  4. Optionally, click the Undo arrow in the top right corner to revert the merge and split the merged task into the initial individual tasks.