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Tasks have a life cycle where they pass through different states according to the workflow defined in the campaign. In a three-state workflow, only participants who are granted the right role can have access to the intermediate state where tasks need to be validated.

At the validation state, authorized data stewards can perform a transition choice on a single task or on multiple tasks and move them to the final state in the workflow. They can add comments to provide explanation about their choice when transitioning the tasks.

Before you begin

  • The workflow defined in the campaign is a three-state workflow, which includes a validation state.
  • You are part of the campaign and have been granted the role to access the tasks at the right state in the workflow.


  1. On the Tasks page, click the name of the campaign you want to open.
  2. On the menu bar, click State > To validate to open the list of the tasks which are transitioned to the validation state but are not assigned yet.
  3. Select the tasks and click next to Me to move the tasks to your dashboard, or use the Assign tasks options in the right hand panel.
    Tip: From the task list, hold the Ctrl or Shift keys to select multiple tasks. On Mac, hold the Cmd or Shift keys.
  4. On the top bar, click Assignment > Assigned to me to display the tasks for which you need to validate the choices of the initial data stewards.
  5. Select one or more tasks, approve the changes and click either Accept or Reject.
    The selected task(s) are marked with green background and the Transition column is filled in with the decision.
  6. Optionally, do one of the following to comment the decision on a single task or on a group of tasks respectively:
    • Select a task and:
      1. click a transition decision from the top of the list.
      2. click the icon on top of the list to add the transition comment.
      3. enter your comment and click the Validate icon.
    • Select a group of tasks and:
      1. select Task from the right panel.
      2. expand Transition tasks.
      3. from the Selection list, select to add the transition comment to all the tasks or only to the selected tasks.
      4. from the Transition list, select to accept or reject the tasks.
      5. from the Add comment list, select Yes and enter your comment in the Comment field.
      6. click Submit.

      Comments are added in the Transition Comment metadata column and an entry is added to the task history.

      Note: The comments you add through the right panel will replace any existing comments on transition decisions.
  7. Click Validate in the top right corner of the page to validate the transition choice you have done on the tasks.


The approved tasks are moved from the list and transitioned to the final state in the workflow. The rejected tasks are moved back to the list of unassigned tasks if there are several data stewards granted the first role in the workflow. However, if only one data steward is granted the first role in the workflow, the rejected tasks are moved back directly to his/her list of new tasks.