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A task is a record or source on which is performed stewardship. A task passes through different states according to the workflow defined in the campaign.

When an assignee performs some actions on a task, it transitions to the next step of the workflow until it reaches the resolved state.

There are four task types:

  • Arbitration tasks: the data stewards assign tasks to a label chosen among a list of arbitration choices defined by the campaign owner. The outcome of an arbitration task is the arbitration choice made by data stewards.

  • Resolution tasks: the data stewards fix one or several fields of the data record. The outcome of a resolution task is the curated record fixed by data stewards.

  • Merging tasks: the data stewards merge several potential duplicate source records into one single record. The outcome of a merging task is the golden record.

    Source records are reference data in Merging or Grouping campaigns coming from the same source (database deduplication) or different sources (databases reconciliation).
  • Grouping tasks: the data stewards validate a relationship between pairs or groups of records. The outcome of a grouping task is the list of records associated to each other.